Forbearance or Foreclosure

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Forbearance or Foreclosure

Behind on payments and can’t catch up?

Are you behind on your mortgage payments? If your circumstances have changed, an unmanageable mortgage payment can quickly lead to an unworkable forbearance agreement or even foreclosure – the last step before losing ownership of your home to the bank. Both forbearance and foreclosure are multi-step processes. Foreclosure, especially, has specific timelines regulated by federal and state laws, as well as the terms in your mortgage paperwork. A mortgage default notice is typically sent after a mortgage has not been paid for 30 to 45 days. Federal law requires lenders to wait 120 days before officially foreclosing on a home (state laws may be different) – giving you 4 months or so to move.

In either case, selling your home can stop the forbearance or foreclosure process by repaying your loan. Luckily we’re ready to buy your home FAST,  get you the equity (cash in-hand), and help you move on your terms. Don’t risk forfeiting your property or equity!

Save The Hassle – Sell For Cash, FAST

Here’s an alternative to the traditional, costly, and time-consuming way of selling a home: sell your home to Moon Creek Homes for cash. We are professional home buyers! We’ll buy your home for cash, without any cleanup or repairs, and without ANY fees. No inspections, no contractors, no dump runs, and NO showing your home to dozens of strangers. Plus you’ll save thousands of dollars on real estate agent commission costs!

We can give you a no-obligation cash offer within 24 hours of touring your home in person or virtually. We can close whenever works for you. You can have your house sold in a week!

Get Your Cash Offer

We can make you a cash offer within 24 hours of touring your property either virtually or in person!
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